Farewell 2023 and Hello 2024

Farewell 2023 and Hello 2024


2023 has gone so fast.

Today as I type out this article, it's already the 7th of January 2024. Here are some thoughts as the new year unfolds for Phoenix Rehab Novena, Tampines and Serangoon.

We'd grown quite a bit, having added a principal physiotherapist and a principal hand therapist (this means that they're pretty experienced, and we only hire experienced and passionate therapists anyway), as well as a new front desk.

We'd also open a Phoenix Rehab @ Serangoon at 265 Serangoon Central, our third physio, hand and TCM clinic. We're very excited to be there!

Also, to share, often we would have patients (ourselves included) who will delay and delay and delay their physio or hand therapy treatments, because they're so busy with responsibilities (such is life and busy-ness in Singapore).

But...and it's a big but!

The problem with leaving injuries, nagging aches and pains untreated or unassessed, is that they can fester and become worse. Very much like the "a stitch in time saves nine (stitches)" anecdote.

That's become our mantra for 2023 and we carry it to 2024 as well - come earlier for treatment especially when the pains and injuries are smallish, so we can sort it out in less time than a full-blown delayed one will.

For those who have eaten too much over Christmas, New Year and now, the upcoming Chinese New Year 2024, dont forget to keep up with your regular exercise habits and routines.

Here's some ideas and tips to exercise more regularly:

  1. Find and do exercises you enjoy - this makes it easier to stick. Be it walking, pickleball, lifting weights, swimming. Whatever rocks your boat.
  2. Some is better than none. You dont have to allocate 3 hours to exercise, even 15 minutes here and there in a day can add up to 1+ hour! Walking from bus stops or cars do count too.
  3. Is cardio more important than weight lifting? Both are good....BUT the best exercise is when it's done. When it's not done, then nothing happens.

Take care and keep getting stronger and faster!


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