Hand Therapy

Reduce pain and restore function to your hand without invasive surgery or painful injections

Are you experiencing pain in your fingers, wrists or hands? Has persistent discomfort been an issue for your arm or shoulder?

If so, you’re not alone.

Hand pain is surprisingly common, caused by everyday issues like typing all day, hand or sports injuries, accidents or simply because of ageing.

But what if there was a way to bring long-lasting relief instead of merely hand pain management through medication?

Hand Therapy, a specialized form of occupational therapy at Phoenix Rehab Hand Therapy, is your answer. It provides rehabilitation of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder girdle by restoring range of motion, strength, and endurance.

Our aim is to hand you back your life, improving your function in everyday tasks at home, at work or in school.

Ready to reclaim your hand functionality?

Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

There are multiple causes for pain in the arm and hand. The most common ones we see include nerve compression (carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, etc.), upper limb injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and sports injuries.
Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain

Most wrist pain causes are typically wrist sprains, strains and even fractures. But most of the time, it involves the soft tissues such as tendons (tendinitis), joints (ligament sprains).

Common wrist pain conditions includes de quervain's tenosynovitis, flexor or extensor tendinitis, wrist joint sprains or swelling in the carpal tunnel from a fall or accident.

Hand Pain

Hand pain refers to pain in the palm or fingers, and can be caused by a variety of reasons be it swelling, injury to the small muscles or joints of the thumb, fingers and hand, carpal tunnel syndrome or guyon tunnel syndrome, and even ligamental sprains.

Common hand conditions include skiers thumb, jammed fingers, mallet finger, swan neck deformities, arthritis (both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis) are common conditions we treat.

In some rarer conditions, patients come in with numbness or lack of sensation, poor coordination or very stiff joints from injuries or disease.


Not sure if your problem can be resolved with Hand Therapy?

Contact us today if you are experiencing wrist, hand or elbow pain so we can better advise you.

The key for most wrist pain and other arm pains is early assessment and treatment to avoid permanent nerve damage or chronic pain.

The Phoenix Process: Feel Reborn with Our Proven Methodology

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Step 1: Initial Consultation

At Phoenix Rehab, we firmly believe in creating a low-stress, patient-centric environment. And our fingers and hands are frankly, an extension of our personalities (if you think about it, we use our hands as we talk, describe, to touch others and ourselves or our pets - it's a very big thing when we cannot use our hands as usual!)

We will work with you to address your symptoms and concerns, ensuring that you understand your condition before proceeding with treatment so you can make an informed decision to get your finger, hand, wrist and elbow muscles and joints to move and function as normal as possible.

Our consultations aim to create an atmosphere of trust and open communication so that you can feel secure with your hand physical therapist.

Step 2: In-depth

Step 2: In-depth


Next, your hand therapist will begin an in-depth review of your medical history to fully understand your hand or finger pains, other symptoms, lifestyle and health goals.

Beyond answering our questions, you may be required to bring medical reports or referral forms.

This is a crucial step in forming a customised treatment plan that accounts for the patient's past and current medical issues, underlying conditions, or potential problems that may arise in the future.

Step 3: Assessment

Step 3: Assessment

Based on your review, clinical tests and physical assessments will be conducted where appropriate to assess the severity of your health issues.

Our senior hand therapist will need to assess your injuries, pains and movement issues in your finger, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and arm, as well as to rule out possible similar-but-different conditions.

This is to increase accurate diagnosis so that we can treat very specificly to the condition for rapid injury and pain healing.

After all, our hand therapist want to provide our patients with safe and effective treatments that address health problems without causing adverse side effects.

Step 4: Treatment

Step 4: Treatment

Based on the findings, a customised plan of action will be discussed with you to help you reach your treatment goals. All patients are able to receive treatment within the same session.

Our hand therapist will carry out ongoing observation each time you return for your follow-up sessions.

This allows us to determine your progress and adjust the intensity of our treatment to support you along your recovery journey.


Live Everyday Life Pain-free with Our Therapeutic Interventions

Hand Therapy

At Phoenix Rehab, we identify your accurate diagnosis, hand and lifestyle needs and tailor therapeutic interventions to improve performance in your preferred activities and tasks

This may look like stretching exercises, corrective hand exercises for fine-motor finger movements, soft tissue mobilisation or shockwave therapy.

Customised Splints

The good thing is that we only work with experienced, senior and passionate hand therapists who are well-versed in the fabrication of customized splints for our patients.

We offer splinting for the following body parts: fingers, hand, forearm, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, toes and face as and where patients medically require. Splints are customized to your body/joint/limb shape, for best healing. It's also made on the spot so that you can get your customized splints on the day itself without waiting for days or weeks in between.

Orthopaedic Wound Care Cleaning Therapy

Sutures (or stitches) are used to close open wounds, preventing infection and improving healing rates.

These wounds will require careful orthopaedic/medical-grade cleaning and care, done regularly and consistently, to monitor and treat the wound and ensure they don't become infected.

If we notice the early stages of infection, we will quickly treat it and refer you to medical practitioners where necessary.

Stitches Removal

After surgery or any open wound injury, you will need to remove your stitches once the wound has stabilised and healed.

At Phoenix Rehab, we offer appointment-based stitches removal services for your convenience at a reasonable price. No more unpredictable waiting times or expensive medical fees!


What our patients say

Restore hand function and say goodbye to chronic pain with Phoenix Rehab today!

Aside from the physical benefits of hand rehabilitation, it can also improve one's sense of well-being, self-confidence and satisfaction in daily living.

You can expect for us to work towards full grip strength, full range of motion and fluid movements with no pains in your fingers, wrist, elbow and arms and recovery from all your injuries.

Take the first step towards improving your hands and living a happier, healthier life with our Hand Therapy services!

Our certified physical therapists are trained to provide customised treatments tailored to each individual's needs.

Experience the results yourself when you book an appointment with us!

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