Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Address and relieve pain the right way with our non-invasive back pain physical therapy!

If you're tired of living with the debilitating pain and limitations caused by back problems, you've come to the right place. Our back pain physiotherapy at Phoenix Rehab is an effective solution to help reduce pain in your back.

Our team of experienced and dedicated physiotherapists is here to help you regain control of your life and overcome the challenges of back pain. We're skilled in treating and managing back pain, offering a pathway to significant pain relief through our personalised treatment plans, state-of-the-art facilities, and evidence-based techniques.

Say goodbye to back pain and hello to a life of comfort and mobility with the various treatment options we offer at Phoenix Rehab. Allow us to guide you in your healing journey today.

Physiotherapy Tailored to Your Needs


At Phoenix Rehab, we're committed to upholding health and care excellence in facilitating our clients' healing process and restoring their optimal spine health. Our back pain treatment includes physiotherapy exercises and other evidence-based treatment approaches that address a variety of conditions. Here are some of the more common causes that we treat:

Musculoskeletal Issues

Under this musculoskeletal category, back pain is often caused by physical or mechanical strain, postural problems, wear and tear, and muscle strains or injuries.
This may present itself as chronic axial back pain, chronic low back pain, acute back pain, etc.

Neuropathic Pain Conditions

Inflammation or pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal can lead to persistent nerve pains (and other nerve-related symptoms).
For example, aside from lower back pain, spinal stenosis is also characterised by leg pain and shoulder pain, as well as symptoms such as sciatic pain.

Post-Surgical Conditions

These are conditions or symptoms that arise after surgical intervention, such as spine surgery (keyhole or open spinal surgery).
Post-surgery physiotherapy plays a key role in recovery to regain strength, mobility, and function.
It also helps decrease the time required for hospitalization and bed rest.
Unsure if your problem can be solved with our back pain physiotherapy?
Contact us today if you are experiencing back pain so we can give you reliable advice.
Early assessment and treatment are key to addressing back pain, especially if you experience sudden pain in your back, progressively severe pain, or radiating leg pain.

The Phoenix Process: Find Freedom from Back Pain with Our Proven Methodology

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Step 1: Initial Consultation

At Phoenix Rehab, we prioritize creating a relaxed, patient-centred environment.

We'll work with you to address your symptoms and concerns, ensuring that you fully understand your condition before proceeding with treatment; we prioritise you making an informed decision on your treatment.

Our consultations aim to cultivate trust and open communication, providing you with a comfortable space.

After all, if the pain is long-term (chronic), wouldn't it be better with someone you're comfortable with AND who is very educated and experienced?

Step 2: In-depth Review

Step 2: In-depth Review

Your back pain specialist will conduct an in-depth assessment of your medical history to understand your symptoms, lifestyle, and health goals fully.

Beyond answering our questions, you may be required to bring medical reports or referral forms.

This is a crucial step in forming a customised treatment plan that accounts for the patient's past and current medical conditions, underlying issues, or potential problems that may arise in the future.

Step 3: Assessment

Step 3: Assessment

Based on your review, we'll conduct clinical tests and physical assessments to understand the severity of your condition.

This aids us in ruling out potential underlying causes, injuries or safety concerns and provides an accurate diagnosis. We'd need to find out if it's your facet joints, your spinal cord, spinal stenosis or whatever the key underlying cause of your chronic back pain or injury is. (You may inquire about our slipped disc physiotherapy for expert spinal treatment options.)

At our clinic, we prioritize safe and effective treatments that tackle health issues without triggering adverse side effects. This is why our team consists exclusively of highly experienced physical therapists.

We ensure all sessions are personalized and one-on-one, with no therapy assistants involved at any stage of the pain relief sessions, guaranteeing the highest quality of care and attention.

Step 4: Treatment

Step 4: Treatment

Based on our findings, we'll discuss a customised pain treatment plan to help you reach your goals. Most patients will receive physical therapy and back pain treatment (also lower back pain physiotherapy) within the same session.

Our primary goal is to deliver prompt back pain relief.

Once the pain has been mitigated, we can concentrate on addressing the fundamental issues causing lower back discomfort, aiming to reduce the reliance on muscle relaxants or pain relief medications, where feasible.

Naturally, our expert spinal physiotherapists will conduct regular observations during each of your follow-up sessions.

This approach allows us to track your progress and adjust the intensity of our treatments, thereby supporting you effectively throughout your recovery journey.


Live Everyday Life Pain-free with Our Therapeutic Interventions

Back Pain Physiotherapy

Our back pain physiotherapy might include aerobic exercises to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, gentle manual therapy, and modern modalities such as ultrasound or TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

When there's acute sciatica (or sharp pain), we perform joint and soft tissue mobilizations (all non-surgical) to relieve the impingement or acute irritation of the nerves that are causing pain to the back and down the buttock muscles.

In some cases, there may need to be specific muscle stretches, such as hamstring stretches, because the hamstring muscles are very tight due to shortening from prolonged sitting.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique used by physiotherapists for the treatment of tight muscles of the spine.

A small needle is inserted into the muscle to create what is known as a ‘local twitch response’, especially helpful when there's a muscle spasm, which can cause localized stiffness and back pains.


Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy performed in a body of water (oftentimes a pool) under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist.

These water exercises help reduce the impact on your joints while still providing a competent workout for your healing muscles.

Post-Treatment Education

Understanding the root cause of your pain and implementing preventative measures is an integral part of your recovery journey.

This may include advice on posture, body mechanics, and ergonomics to prevent relapse and provide effective, sustainable back pain relief.


What our patients say

Don't let back pain affect you any more!

Banish chronic discomfort and take the first step towards a happier, healthier life with our physiotherapy.

Our certified physical therapists are trained to provide customized treatments tailored to each individual's needs.

Don't just take our word for it. Experience the results yourself when you book an appointment with us!

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