Frozen Shoulder

Regain your shoulder flexibility and experience lasting relief from your frozen shoulder without invasive surgery or painful injections

Have you ever encountered severe, nagging pain in your shoulder when engaging in routine activities, like putting on a jacket, playing fetch with your dog, or reaching for an item on a high shelf?

If this resonates with you, you may be facing the challenging condition of frozen shoulder syndrome (adhesive capsulitis). This becomes particularly probable if you're enduring chronic, severe pain coupled with limited shoulder movement.

This predicament can disrupt your daily life, turning even the simplest tasks into painful undertakings due to the limited movement of your shoulder without accompanying pain.

Numerous patients also report trouble sleeping due to the incessant discomfort making it difficult to find a comfortable resting position.

However, a pain-free shoulder is not just a dream, but a reachable reality.

Our specialized frozen shoulder physiotherapy program is designed to gently restore your shoulder's range of motion, alleviate severe pain, and accelerate your return to regular activities.

Frozen shoulder doesn't have to imply a frozen life – prepare to relish each day anew with our exceptional physiotherapy program curated for your frozen shoulder!

Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is generally categorized into two types:

Primary Frozen Shoulder

Also known as idiopathic frozen shoulder, this form of adhesive capsulitis occurs without any clear cause.
It usually progresses through three stages: the freezing stage (severe shoulder pain starts to occur), the frozen stage (pain might reduce, but the range of motion becomes limited), and the thawing stage (range of motion begins to improve).

Secondary Frozen Shoulder

This type of frozen shoulder occurs due to other underlying conditions or systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's disease, or hyperthyroidism.
You are also at higher risk of developing frozen shoulder after an injury, such as a rotator cuff tear, or due to immobilization of the shoulder area after trauma, surgery, or fracture.
Regardless of the type, a frozen shoulder can cause significant impairment and distress due to the limited range of motion and chronic pain.
However, with appropriate shoulder physiotherapy intervention, most individuals can regain full or near-full, pain-free range of motion and function.

The Phoenix Process: Feel Reborn with Our Proven Methodology

Step 1: Initial Consultation

At Phoenix Rehab, we firmly believe in creating a low-stress, patient-centric environment.

Our senior shoulder physios will work with you to address your symptoms and concerns, ensuring that you understand your condition before proceeding with treatment so you can make an informed decision.

Our consultations aim to create an atmosphere of trust and open communication so that you can feel a strong sense security with your physical therapist.

Step 2: In-depth Review

Next, your shoulder physio will begin an in-depth review of your medical history to fully understand your symptoms, lifestyle and health goals.

Beyond answering our questions, you may be required to bring medical reports or referral forms.

This is a crucial step in forming a customized treatment plan that accounts for the patient's past and current medical issues, underlying conditions, or potential problems that may arise in the future.

Step 3: Assessment

Based on your review, clinical tests and physical assessments will be conducted where appropriate to assess the severity of your frozen shoulder. This includes assessing the active and passive shoulder motion and shoulder muscles of your affected shoulder.

This will allow us to rule out possible underlying causes, injuries, or safety concerns, ensuring we obtain an accurate diagnosis. We also will rule out similar symptom conditions or injuries (such as rotator cuff tendon tear, a very common symptom with shoulder joint pain).

After all, we want to provide our patients with safe and effective treatments that address health problems without causing adverse side effects.

Step 4: Shoulder Pain Treatments

Based on the findings, a customized plan of action will be discussed with you to help you reach your treatment goals. Patients will receive treatment within the same session.

Our gentle stretching exercises and the strategic use of heat or ice packs are essential parts of our conservative shoulder physiotherapy treatments. We always consider the patient's pain threshold, as we, too, understand the discomfort that comes with pain.

Whenever you experience pain, whether sharp or aching, we will employ pain-relieving techniques to alleviate the discomfort in your shoulder.

We carefully balance the intensity and difficulty of the sessions to avoid them being too easy, which could hinder progress, or too challenging, potentially causing setbacks.

Each time you return for a follow-up session, our skilled shoulder physiotherapists will conduct live, ongoing clinical observations to monitor your progress. We adjust the intensity of our treatments accordingly to assist you along your recovery path.

Our focus is on ensuring controlled, sustainable progress with minimal to zero risk of shoulder reinjury. This meticulous approach allows us to provide the optimal level of therapy for each individual patient.


Live Everyday Life Pain-free with Our Therapeutic Interventions

Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy

Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy

To restore your range of motion as painlessly as possible, our shoulder physio treatments are non-invasive but effective.

Some forms of physiotherapy include gentle shoulder mobilisation exercises (such as active assisted pendulum exercise, passive supine forward elevation, passive external rotation etc), manual therapy, and modern modalities such as ultrasound or TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique we use to treat muscle pain and tightness.

A small needle is carefully inserted into the muscle to induce the ‘local twitch response’.

This decreases shoulder pain, reduces muscle tightness, improves flexibility and increases mobility, which can help with adhesive capsulitis.



Hydrotherapy is a form of intensive physical therapy in a pool or other aquatic environment under the supervision of a trained hydro-physiotherapist.

These water (aqua) exercises reduce the impact on your joints while still providing a good workout for your shoulder (and neck) muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints without the risk of over-straining them.

Post-Treatment Education

Post-Treatment Education

Understanding the root cause of your shoulder pain and implementing preventative measures is an integral part of your recovery journey.

This may include advice on posture and ergonomics, home stretching exercises and strengthening exercises for sustainable frozen shoulder pain relief.


What our patients say

Restore shoulder function and say goodbye to chronic shoulder pain with Phoenix Rehab today!

Beyond the tangible relief of shoulder pain physiotherapy, it can also enhance your overall well-being and instil self-confidence, enabling you to engage in activities you love without the hindrance of pain, thereby enriching your daily life.

Embark on the path towards enhanced shoulder health and a more fulfilled, wholesome life with our expert Physiotherapy services!

Our certified senior physios are trained and experienced to provide customized treatments tailored to each individual's needs, providing physical therapy exercises targeted for healing, pain relief, and improved shoulder mobility.

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