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We take patient referrals for Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy, Custom Splinting, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Alternative Healing, and Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. Should you have a patient to refer to Phoenix Rehab Group, please click on the link below for the Referral Form. To get in touch, you can WhatsApp/ SMS/ Call us at +6588001830 or email any enquiries to Nigel (Senior Hand Therapist and Director) at

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Injuries, fractures and pains can be very unpleasant, painful and shocking. Most patients are often in shock and uncertain what to do, what to expect....and to make matters worse, whilst you or your loved ones are in pain, you have to choose which orthopedic doctor to help you. It can be hard to do this when you're in pain, confused and don't know what to do!

If you don't know which orthopedic doctor to choose, we provide a concierge service at no additional cost to you (we dont get paid to do this, we do this out of goodwill and value add to you), so reach out to us!

Hey, Nigel here. I'm a hand occupational therapist who has been working and serving orthopedic doctors in private practice since 2008, so I've slowly and carefully built up a rolodex of trustworthy orthopedic doctors over the years. When you reach out to me, I'll find out what are the pains and injuries that you have, the locations which will help me decide which orthopedic doctors are the best fit for your injury or pain. For example, if you have a shoulder injury, we will recommend you to a shoulder specialist etc.

If you'd like me to recommend a trustworthy orthopedic doctor whom I know personally and have worked with for years, please whatsapp me at +65 9873 4073 or email me at with your symptoms and I'll do my best to serve you.


Phoenix Rehab

We are a boutique physiotherapy, hand therapy, TCM and sports massage clinic in Singapore, operating in Novena and Tampines, that offers an integrated approach to pain and injury rehabilitation to the bone, muscle, joint, tendon and ligaments.

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