Damaged Cartilage, OsteoArthritis Or Joint Weakness


ProJoint Plus is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients formulated to support cartilage and joint health.

One of the primary ingredients, Glucosamine Sulfate, is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in the body surrounding the joints. Another active ingredient, Chondroitin, is found naturally within the cartilage between joints.

Based on patients feedback, it's great for: Osteoarthritis, weak joints, cartilage problems

  • Rebuild damaged cartilages
  • Improves pain and flexibility
  • It really strengthens the joints
  • Increases flexibility (a lot)

So it’s the best (non-medicine, natural supplement) choice on the long term. However, if your pain is caused by inflammation or swelling, it’s not my #1 choice (see the Tumeric Curcumin Plus below for that).

Pain & Inflammation


Tumeric Curcumin Plus is formulated with three key ingredients:

  • Turmeric - This spice is one of the most popular food supplements ever, with studies benefits for body & mind health and antioxidant properties
  • Curcuminoids - These natural polyphenol compounds are derived from turmeric. Studies indicate curcuminoids provide support for the immune system, cognitive function, and joint health
  • BioPerine - A patented extract of peppercorn, BioPerine is used to dramatically increase the absorption of curcumin

Great for: Pain caused by inflammation.

It’s my top recommendations for:

  • rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis
  • swollen joints
  • simply chronic inflammation somewhere in your body

It’s the strongest anti-inflammatory among all herbs. Patients feedback what they liked is that its

  • ingredients with a very pure source
  • way cheaper than most supplements
  • it really decreased their pain and inflammation

Scars That Are Raised or Dark Due To Surgery or Injury


A scar is an unpleasant reminder that the body's been traumatized.

And unfortunately, scars linger, to the point that many people try to hide them with make-up and clothing.

Dermefface FX7™ Scar Reduction Therapy is a proven way to naturally erase those unflattering scars by stimulating a healthy balance of collagen production, push 'scarred' skin cells to the surface where they're sloughed off and replaced by normal, healthy, vibrant and scar-free skin cells ie fade-out to lighten.

Prevent Muscle Wastage Caused By Injury / Surgery, Build Lean Muscle Mass Quickly & Reduce Recovery Time


The human body loses an average of 1% muscle mass with every day of resting and not moving about for sedentary people - this is worse with an injury or post surgery, and most WILL notice that the injured side tends to become

  • weak
  • heavy
  • sluggish
  • flabby

This is normal because as the muscle becomes weaker, feels heavier and sluggish.

With physiotherapy and hand therapy, we will do our best to activate these affected structures and muscles and we notice that people who have muscle supplements and good nutrition tends to get their muscle power, strength and normal size back quicker.

This HGH supplement caters to both men and women, to

  • Add Lean Muscle Mass
  • Torch Body Fat
  • Increase Strength & Power
  • Reduce Recovery Time

Bone Strength & Health (especially weakened or osteoporotic bones)


Our bones can weaken with injuries, poor nutrition, after surgeries or taking specific medication, causing bones that are easily bruised or fractured.

Key ingredients include:

  • Red Algae Calcium: The Plant-Based "Superfood" For Strong Bones & Healthy Joints
  • Vitamin K2: The Calcium "Optimizer" For Increasing Bone Mineral Content
  • Red Algae Magnesium: The "Missing" Essential Mineral For Increasing Bone Density & Improving Bone Formation
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids: Natures Shockingly Powerful Answer For Alleviating Terrible Joint Pain
  • Vitamin D3: The Bone-Strengthening Hormone That Enhances Calcium Absorption & Reduces Inflammation
  • Organic Vegan Blend: For EXTRA Bone & Joint Support

Take these after injuries and better still, on an ongoing basis so that your bones keep building and maintaining their matrix strength and health.